Why learnd?

Non-residential buildings remain the biggest driver of energy consumption, but they are still poorly managed.

of all global CO2 emissions come from large non-residential buildings


of large non-residential buildings are still not securely connected to the internet


of greenhouse gas emissions is created by large non-residential buildings

At learnd, we are on a mission to transform buildings into smart, interconnected ecosystems that optimize energy efficiency and costs and foster a more sustainable future.
Here’s why:

9.5-14 gigatons

of CO2 emissions could be avoided by 2050 by expanding building automation system penetration


heating and cooling efficiency gains from building automation system installation

Make energy savings, reduce carbon emissions and turbocharge your buildings. Complete solution for your building management.

Get a report on reducing your building’s carbon footprint and the potential savings

Quickly calculate the potential impact of working with learnd on your carbon emissions
(and your bottom line) with our simple to use calculator tool.

How we work

The Power of Many

Uniting to keep the blue planet green

We unite the power of many to connect every single commercial building and manage it smartly. Unleashing tremendous energy for Europe. We unite companies’ non-residential buildings to create a tremendous impact for Europe, both ecologically and economically. With the power of many, we aim to become the energy that moves the world, building by building, for a better outlook for everyone.

The Power of Now

Rapid growth, lasting impact

While others talk, we deliver: Profits. Savings. Impact. Founded in 2020, learnd has become the fastest-growing ESG player in buildings, responding to the urgency of the current climate crisis.

The first mover in digitalizing the BMS market, combining both traditional engineering and installation services with future-relevant software solutions.

The backbone of buildings

One building alone does not have the power to tackle climate change. At scale, however, we have tremendous leverage. This is what we really do: We put all our energy into saving yours.


Energy capacity managed by learnd
per year


Average energy savings can be achieved

1 in 20

of UK non-residential buildings are covered by learnd


sites connected

Facilitators with a
revolutionary heart

  • Combining vast engineering capabilities and a 24/7 service offering with a platform that can support and integrate with existing technology environments, from a single building to multi-site estates.
  • Absolute data transparency and control, enabling partners to conquer energy waste, drive cost reductions, and drastically slash carbon emissions.
  • Hands-on and minds-on, in the cloud and on-site, providing a full spectrum of support.

What we do


Accelerating the future

  • Real-Time Data Insights: Gain full visibility into your building‘s energy consumption and performance.
  • Remote Building Control: Seamlessly manage and optimize energy usage from anywhere, anytime.
  • Legacy Technology Compatibility: Our platform integrates with any existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Energy Usage Optimization: Achieve up to 20% reduction in energy consumption and cost savings from the next month on.

Sectors we serve

From buildings that don’t have a BMS yet, to companies that already have some level of control and data and want to even better understand their buildings, learnd is able to support each stage.

Public Sector
Data Centres

By reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, we are helping our customers future-proof their buildings and enhance their sustainability credentials.

A chart showing the impact Learnd can bring to an organisation

With every building we optimize, we contribute to a collective effort to combat climate change and build a greener, more resilient planet.

Our journey to net zero


Success Stories

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This is us

“At learnd we build a future engineered by the power of many. Together, let’s embark on this journey of transformation, save resources and shape a future for generations to come. And this is just the beginning. Join us now.”

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